Chaos in Action? (Demonstration lecture)

Ah haa! Yes mathematics and music. We could build a hamonograph? Nice lecture Nat, clever animals making use of de-coherence /loss of synchronistic life cycles!

I like the synchronistic and non-synchronistic behaviorism. Also would like to consider themes (perhaps subliminally- considering we want to relate to as wide an audience as possible) that relate to waves/patterns/observations of repetition exhibited by sound,light and space. Even by culture in our behaviour (consider any moment you have observed or participated in repetitious behaviour in our society, e.g. trends and other acknowledgment  of repetitions- This could be interesting to use).

Waves being properties of matter is something I am excited about.


Tuesday 2 March 7.30 pm Rutherford Lecture Theatre 1 CHAOS IN ACTION Professor Mohammed Sohby School of Engineering and Digital Arts, University of Kent Chaos is a branch of mathematics that deals with systems that seem to exhibit chaotic or hard-to-predict behaviour. The weather is a famous example of a natural chaotic system and its study led to the first mathematical understanding of chaos. This is a demonstration lecture. Further info

An element of spontaneity?


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